Garrastudio is the name under which the architect Rosana Galián signs her new creative project of craft and digital thinking.

The proposal explores the different cultures civilizations and ancient architectures in order to draw ornamental shapes which are rethought in contemporary languages and processes. The result is the production of ornate design objects.

The tailor-made and textured acrylic materials, the computer-aided (CADCAM) design and production and the handcrafted assembly of each piece are the perfect ingredients to create an exclusive digital craft product.

Garritas y Rosana Galián

Garritas (2012), tropical beast, elegantly black and white and broken tailed goes with Rosana Galián.

Rosana Galián (1985), is a Murcian architect, trained at the UA and ETSAM; Universities in which she occasionally works with giving lessons.

Along with Paula Vilaplana, Rosana is co-founder of the creative duo Fru*Fru.

She has also carried out art installations for SOS 4.8 music festival, Matadero Madrid, Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, ARCO, Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Centro Párraga in Murcia and Sala Joven in Madrid, among others.

From the Garrastudio's direction, she is currently trying to develop unique products emerged from an experimental creativity environment which is shared with daring partners.

Carmen Santa Cruz

Carmen (1988), is a Murcian architect, trained at the ETSAM and Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Her creative and experimental profile brings her to work at José Ballesteros’ studio and on “Pasajes de Arquitectura y Crítica” near Federico Soriano and Dolores Palacios.

She tackles different projects; using the same care for ultralight art installations and huge constructions in the Arab Emirates

Carmen collaborates with Garrastudio as creative assistance in media campaign, exploring new audiovisual systems

Luis Gómez

Luis (1983), computer engineer with creative and artistic inqusitiveness. Has lived in Sweden and Barcelona where has developed programming skills and cursed a master degree in Project Management.

After spending 2017 traveling around Latin America as a backpacker he is currently living in Murcia working as freelance programmer

Luis is the proud developer of